PARADE | A & Be Bridal Shop | Denver


Got to witness an amazing company at work today. If you want something different than just your run of the mill 'cookie cutter' wedding dress than make sure to check out A & Be Bridal Shop located in Denver. The dresses they feature, in their line, are a combination of up and coming designers. This keeps prices within reason for many, as well as provide you with that unique, one of a kind feel. It was a pleasure working with them and seeing all the emotional faces they create with their stunning dresses. 

What is PARADE?

"PARADE is a traveling bridal shop brought to you by a&bé bridal shop. PARADE is your chance to experience a&bé bridal shop if you don't live in Denver. We literally pack up all of our gowns, racks, accessories, mirrors, EVERYTHING from our Denver store and bring it all to you. We work with local planners, venues and other vendors to find a space and create an amazing event to temporarily set-up shop near you so that we can set-up your appointment and help you find your wedding dress! 

We offer a no-fuss experience, with awesome and unique gowns from designers that are a hard to come by if you don't live in a big metropolis. We understand what it means to not have access to all the cool stuff that big city's have (one of the owners of a&bé is from southwest Kansas) and that is why PARADE was created.